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"As the Tiger turns"

I keep wanting this all to go away because it is a really pathetic situation all the way around.

But, this is turning into a soap opera. Now that Tiger has signed on to all of the hype instead of keeping to himself. I think this is the best soap opera ever! All he had to do was maintain his silence and keep it a personal matter. But, now he just validated this "Circus".

A list of why this is the best "Soap Opera" EVER!!!!!!!!

1. Crying Strippers
2. Hot Scandinavian Blond Wife
3. 10 mistresses
4. Dangerous car-crashes
5. Hot steamy sex!
6. Did I say "Hot steamy sex!"
7. High powered "blood-sucking" attornies
8. Sex addiction therapy
9. Friends turned enemies
and last but not least
10. Millions and billions of dollars 

Get your popcorn folks! This is going to get interesting! Cool
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Posted on: January 25, 2010 9:21 am
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Vikings bumbling into history

Favre strikes again. A look at the dubious history of the Minnesota Vikings.

 4 Superbowl losses, 5 NFC Champioship game losses

Korey Stringer dies in training camp.

The love boat incident

Gary Anderson who had just completed the first perfect regular season in NFL history (not missing a single extra point or field goal attempt the entire year), missed a 38-yard attempt with less than 2 minutes remaining in NFC championship game that most likely puts Vikes in Superbowl in 98.

In 2003 Arizona's last second touchdown on 4th and 28 against Vikings eliminated Vikings from playoffs. The moment of Arizona's touchdown was actually the first moment the entire season in which the Vikings hadn't led their division. The Vikings became the second team in football history to miss the playoffs after getting off to a 6–0 start

The "Hail Mary" pass Drew Pearson caught against the Vikes in 75 NFC championship to give Dallas the win in the final minute.

Jim Marshalls wrong way run

The Herschel Walker trade in which Vikings gave Dallas three 1st rounders, three 2nd rounders, plus a 3rd and a 6th rounder in addition to 5 players. Walker lasts only 3 seasons in Minnesota
Vikings despite being favored, lose 41-0 in NFC championship game in 2000.

Green Bays Antonio Freeman makes one of the all time great miracle catches in overtime to defeat Vikings in 2000

ADD TERRIBLE DEFEAT 31-28 OT to the Saints in the 2009 NFC Champioship game.....

Favre had 2 picks (I don't know why this is a big suprise) A.P. had 3 fumbles (again, not a big suprise)

Why did Childress not kick a 50 yard field goal on 3rd down to win it before the 12 man in the huddle penalty ! How bad of a decision is that ? Longwell was good to at least 55,  Whether Longwell makes it or not. Favre throws that chance away. 

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Good-bye Milton!

Good-bye Milton and good riddance. No longer will we have to look at your pouty face. No longer will your cancer infect others on our team. No longer will we throw batteries at you in the outfield.

The Cubs have new ownership and hopefully a new direction. The Milton Bradley signing was perhaps the worst of all-time for the Cubbies. The fans all knew it the minute it happened. This guy has been a scum-bag where ever he has played. Good luck Seattle!

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Brian Kelly

With the recent signing of Brian Kelly as head Coach at Notre Dame. I can't help but say "SO WHAT". Being a lifelone Bears and Cubs fan has taught me to think of this as a lateral move for ND. Cincinnati is definately a great Big East football team. But, it is not Notre Dame. The clock is already ticking in South Bend.

Can Brian Kelly bring what Notre Dame is lacking? A DEFENSE! Had we had a defense this year. Coach Weis would be making game plans in Arizona or New Orleans instead of waiting around for the Bears OC job to open. Notre Dame averaged 31 points per game this year compared to Cincinnati's 34 points per game( sorry couldn't figure Cincinnati's seventy point game against cupcake SWMS). The difference in the two teams is defense. Will Kelly bring in a defensive scheme that will work? Notre Dame was continually smoked in the passing game this year. Their opponents spread their defense in every game picking it apart with big running plays and short underneath passes that went for big gains after the catch. But, even with that being said. There athleticism still kept them in most games and overall they gave up an average of 26 points per game. Cincinnati's defense allowed opponents to average 24 points per game against them and they play in the "BIG EAST". Where is the upgrade here????????? 

Notre Dame season averages

Offense:31 points per game average
Defense:26 average points per game allowed
Average margin of defeat: 4.6 points per loss

6-6, I doubt Kelly could have done any better. But, "Bleeding Blue" will be on the band wagon for next season.
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